Data: 19 Aprile 2024


Announcement Number: LI-24-22-LN

Open Date; 2024-04-16

Close Date: 2024-04-23

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Tour of Duty:-

Salary Range 2,971.57 - 3,044.78 (CATEGORIA IMPIEGATI)

Salary Currency: Euro

Pay Plan: UA






Type of Appointment: Permanent


Announcement Type



Area of Consideration

FOR THIS POSITION APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN ENGLISH. Applications will be accepted from INTERNAL Local National employees who are seeking promotion or reassignment. Concurrent consideration MAY be given to EXTERNAL candidates. If you have any questions about this vacancy or the application process, please email us at:


Major Duties

Incumbent serves as a Construction Control Representative at construction sites, responsible for the execution, control, and inspection of assigned construction projects. Some of the projects are multi-million dollar and may require two years or more to complete, and some structures may require specially adapted methods and equipment. Some projects will require close planning and coordination of construction schedules to accommodate concurrent operations, and present critical and varied site preparation problems and extensive installation of specialized operating equipment. The diversified projects require an expertise in the construction of or major rehabilitation of military quarters, barracks, mess halls, recreation buildings, maintenance facilities, schools, and supporting utilities, etc. Projects supervised are often of such scope as to require services of several contractors and/or sub-contractors. Incumbent controls construction activities including civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical features, roads and pavement work. Duties include monitoring contract progress, resolving disputes, reviewing invoices and commending payment, reviewing and approving certification of engineering documents provided in accordance with the host nation law. Incumbent reviews plans, specifications, shop drawings, and requests for changes to determine site compatibility, applicability of terrain, soils, feasibility of structure, and to anticipate problems. Checks calculations and best samples of equipment and fixtures to be installed for conformance with specifications and shop drawings. Reviews requests for changes particularly in view of on-site conditions, and recommends actions based on review. Submits alternative proposals as applicable. Analyzes situation, develops cost estimates, and determines most practical methods of accomplishment and time involved for purposes of negotiation of proposals received from contractor. As an appointed Contractor Officer's Representative (COR), is responsible for furnishing technical assistance to the Contracting Officer, ensuring compliance with the technical requirements of the contract, ensuring receipt of all deliverables, inspecting and accepting services required under the contract, and maintaining detailed records of contractor performance. Identifies actual or potential problems and determines necessity for changes or remedial action. Investigates need for contract change orders, controversies that could lead to formal claims by the contractor, deviations requiring engineering determinations, and other matters. Ensures adherence to safety program, checking work areas, methods of performance, etc., for safety practices, safety standards and construction techniques. Coordinates with local Government agencies involved to preclude conflicts of interests or jurisdictional disputes, and to maintain effective public relations on assigned construction projects. Drafts site visit reports that are used to keep higher headquarters informed of progress and problems with project construction. Tabulates the results of inspections and prepares routine and special reports and correspondence reflecting the status of construction progress, delays in construction, noted deficiencies, and compliance with standards, materials, and/or contract modifications. From records maintained and inspection of construction, prepares estimates of value of construction in preparation of payment estimates; reviews invoices submitted by contract firms, clears discrepancies, and submits them for disbursements. Serves as liaison with field forces, local Government agencies, and US installations to coordinate, expedite and facilitate work progress. Accomplishes engineering assignments up to the limits established by Italian Law and executes engineering design/build construction contracts. At contract completion, reviews and accepts contract documentation to include as-built drawings and certificates of compliance with applicable host nation laws. NOTE: Tour of duty is 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday from 08.00 to 17.00, including a 1-hour uncompensated lunch break.


Qualification Requirements

MINIMUM QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must meet the qualification requirements in the Qualification Standards Handbook as summarized below. Applicants must have a minimum of 1 year of specialized experience, equivalent to at least the U-02 grade level. Specialized Experience is experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled.


NOTE: In addition to 1 year of specialized experience, incumbent is required to possess a diploma of "Geometra" or a diploma of "Perito Industriale" ("Edile", "Meccanico", or "Elettrotecnico"). Incumbent must be familiar with the Legislative Decree 81/2008, and be fluent in the English language, both oral and written. A certified, that is "iscritto all'Albo", "Geometra" or "Perito" is desirable. A copy of the "Diploma" and, if applicable, of the "Iscrizione all'Albo dei Geometri" or "Iscrizione all'Albo dei Periti Industriali" must be provided.


SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE: Education directly related to the position may be substituted for experience in accordance with the Qualification Standards Handbook. Copies of education documents ( " Diploma of "Geometra" or a diploma of "Perito Industriale, "Edile", "Meccanico", or "Elettrotecnico"", and, Italian driver's license type "B") must be submitted at the time of application to the following email address:


Please specify the vacancy announcement number on the subject line of the email message. Failure to submit documents in a timely manner may result in a disqualification rating.


Selective Placement Factors

Applicants are required to possess: -A diploma of "Geometra" or a diploma of "Perito Industriale" ("Edile", "Meccanico", or "Elettrotecnico"). - A valid Italian driver's license type "B".


Conditions of Employment

Incumbent must be able to: - Obtain and maintain the military driver's license equivalent to Italian driver's license type "B".


Additional Information



Le domande di lavoro incomplete o non conformi alle seguenti istruzioni non verranno prese in considerazione:
1. Specificare il numero del bando ed il titolo della posizione sia nel modulo che nell’oggetto del messaggio email (Es. VI-20-01-LN/LI-20-01-LN SUPPLY CLERK). Fare attenzione all’Area of Consideration per capire se l’annuncio è riservato al personale già assunto dal Comando (Internal) o a candidati esterni (External);
2. Indicare in modo chiaro e dettagliato la propria formazione scolastica e allegare copia di tutti i titoli di studio conseguiti (sia eventuali diplomi di scuola media superiore che di laurea);
3. Elencare dettagliatamente le esperienze lavorative;
4. Allegare copia della patente, carta d’identità o passaporto dell’Unione Europea e codice fiscale (solo per candidati esterni; se specificato nel bando vale anche per i candidati interni). Inviare i documenti con allegato separato dal modulo della domanda;
5. Indicare il domicilio se diverso dall’indirizzo di residenza;
6. Per lavori di carattere impiegatizio è obbligatorio compilare il modulo in inglese;
7. Coloro che hanno già lavorato in Italia per U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, AAFES, e intendano candidarsi per posizioni temporanee, devono allegare alla domanda anche il “Modulo aggiuntivo per impiego temporaneo”;
8. I moduli devono essere inviati a uno dei seguenti indirizzi email in base all’area geografica di pertinenza entro la data di chiusura dell’annuncio in formato Word o PDF e in un unico file (non pagina per pagina). I documenti e i titoli di studio potranno essere spediti nello stesso messaggio email, ma con un allegato separato dal modulo della domanda:
Annunci per VICENZA:
Annunci per LIVORNO:
Verranno respinte tutte le altre forme di spedizione/consegna.
Applications not properly completed or not in accordance with below instructions will not be taken into consideration:
1. Specify the vacancy announcement number and the position title both on the form and on the subject line of the email message (E.g. VI-20-01-LN/LI-20-01-LN SUPPLY CLERK). Check the Area of Consideration to understand whether the announcement is open to personnel already employed by the Command (Internal) or external candidates (External);
2. Provide a clear and detailed description of your education and submit a copy of all your school diplomas and/or degrees (both High School diplomas and University degrees);
3. List all previous work experiences and provide a detailed description of duties performed;
4. Copy of your driver’s license, Italian ID Card or European Union Passport, and Fiscal Code must be enclosed (for external applicants only; if requested in the announcement it applies to internal candidates too). Documents must be sent as an attachment separate from the application form;
5. Domicile address must be indicated if different from residency address;
6. For white-collar positions, application must be completed in English;
7. Anyone who has already been employed in Italy by U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, AAFES, and wishes to apply for temporary positions, must also complete the “Form for Temporary Employment”;
8. Application forms must be sent to one the following email addresses (as applicable) no later than the announcement closing date, in a Word or PDF format, in a single file (not as single pages). Personal identification documents and educational documentation may be sent in the same email message as the application but as a separate attachment:
VICENZA Announcements:
LIVORNO Announcements:
No other form of delivery will be accepted.


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