Engineers Settlement plots

The professional fees are repealed (art. 9, paragraphs 1 and 5 of Decree Law 1/2012). The fee for the professional services must pattuirsi with the customer at the time of the professional order is placed.

The Councils of Provincial Orders can comment on the adequacy of the remuneration of its members, being still in force Article. 5, paragraph 3), the law 24 June 1923 n.1395, it attaches to the Order to give, on request, opinions relating to professional disputes and the "liquidation of fees and expenses."

In DM 20 July 2012 n. 140, lists the parameters for settlement by a court of compensation for the professions; in articles. 33-39 of the same DM and in the tables attached thereto have identified the new criteria. They can be used, therefore, as a basis of comparison and / or reference, subject to the free will of the parties to agree upon different fees.

For public procurement in art.5 basis of Decree Law No. 83/2012, converted into Law No. 134/2012, contracting authorities, to estimate the fees to be placed in the tender, must apply the Decree of the Ministry of Justice October 31, 2013 n. 143 (dm 143/13) 'Regulation concerning the determination of the consideration to be placed in the tender procedures for the award of public contracts for services relating to architecture and engineering of the legislative decree 12 April 2006 n. 163, Part II, Title I, Chapter IV. '.

The following are the guidelines adopted by the Council of Engineers of Pisa in its meeting of 10.6.2015 and forms for requesting fairness opinions.


Guidelines on the operation of committees and advice on the procedure for issuing fairness opinions regarding the fees paid for professional services


Forms and Guidelines

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